Five Things – 02.23.15 – In Order to “Do” Electricity

1.  Nintendo Arm Wrestling – Nintendo had a unique arcade cabinet set-up in the 1980s.  Their Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!! cabinets had two screens, a prelude to their later success in the handheld business.  It’s debatable whether both screens were necessary – the top screen served little purpose but to show your player’s stats or play…

Five Things – 06.23.14

1.  Kool-Aid Man Video Game – Putting your mascot in a video game can go either way; there are success stories like Yo, Noid! and there are less-than-success stories like M.C.Kids.  Unsurprisingly, it comes down to whether there’s a good game or not underneath the license when considering how these games are remembered.  Kool-Aid got a jump…

Five Things – 6.2.14

1.  Space Food Sticks – Pillsbury worked with NASA in the 1960s to create solid foods that the astronauts could eat in space.  They created solid food cubes that were used on the Aurora 7 in 1962, and continued to research and produce foods that worked in space like non-perishable meats and cake that didn’t fall apart….

Five Things – 1.27.14

1.  Bart vs. The Space Mutants – By 1991 the Simpsons marketing machine was fully oiled, churning out just about anything that could possibly fit a character’s face on it.  Bart Simpson T-Shirts were being blamed for creating subversion among children, yet he could sell Butterfingers until the cows came home and that was somehow okay….