The Hogarth Guarantee – Lucid Dream Machine (1980s)

Lucid Dreaming is an attractive idea; the thought of being able to achieve consciousness in your dreams and unlock the ability to control what happens is pretty exciting.

Normally it takes a lot of discipline and conditioning to even try to pull it off, so of course it was only a matter of time before someone tried to sell a machine that just did it for you.

Enter Preston Hogarth, a pitch man for what was – at the time – the only lucid dream machine in existence. It’s not clear what it does or how it works, but it carries a $49.95 price tag and includes an extra set of headphones.

There’s a quick and meaningless rundown of the technology, a few one-liner testimonials, and a ringing endorsement from Preston’s dad (Peter “Big Jim” Hogarth?!) and we’re left scratching our heads, opening our wallets, and dialing that 800-number.

This had to just be a white noise machine, right? Maybe more of a “go to sleep” machine instead of a “control your dreams” machine?


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