Putt, Putt – Pizza Hut’s First Commercial (1965)

Pizza Hut’s first commercial effort was light on pizza and heavy on antics.

A full minute long, this commercial takes place entirely in fast-motion and features a tall man riding an admittedly sweet Mustang Jr. through town to pick up his pizza order. In doing so he gently irritates the townspeople that he encounters which causes them to chase him in an ever-growing mob.

He gets to the Pizza Hut, grabs his order, and drives home chased by the mob. The mob then follows him into the house and he shares his pizza with him. It’s not clear why either party is willing to share a meal with the other.

The tall man goes for the last slice and is rejected by the mob, causing him to place another call, get in his car, and presumably start the whole cycle of hate all over again with a new mob. This poor, poor Sisyphus.

But really what I wanted to talk about was how they packaged up pizzas back then. Is it just a paper bag?

The soundtrack’s no slouch, either. I just can’t see how any of this is appealing to a viewer’s hunger, though.


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