The Secret’s Out- Storyphone (1990s)

I know that the 900-number industry isn’t exactly known for their respectability, but this one seems particularly shady.

Who doesn’t like to have fun, am I right? And what better way than to spend three dollars for the first minute and thirty-five cents for each additional minute to call a phone number to hear someone read fairy tales featuring public domain characters?

It’s less the service that creeps me out than the commercial advertising the service. This little girl reporter is, where, at a party?

Where a bunch of fairy tale characters are, what, dancing?

And what’s this troll guy doing?

And where are the grown-ups?

There doesn’t seem to be any real order to the location that she’s reporting from, and I guess the association that you’re supposed to make is that you’ll have as much unstructured fun as these children jumping in the background if you call this number to hear the daily story.