Five Things – 05.02.16 – Much As They Actually Exist In Space

Whatever Turns You On

Did you know that You Can’t Do That On Television had a spinoff?

Whatever Turns You On

Whatever Turns You On was an early attempt to take what was clearly resonating with kids and prime-time it up a bit. This was in 1979, before the show had appeared on Nickelodeon and become a hit in the U.S.  The move to prime-time brought with it Ruth Buzzi, live music performances, and a little bit more of this:

Whatever Turns You On

At the end of the day it was still a kid’s show – the bulk of the cast was carried over from YCDTOT, the jokes were still of the bathroom variety, and there was plenty of green slime to go around.  It’s definitely a little more in the Laugh-In direction than YCDTOT, though.  Check it out.

Whatever Turns You On failed to really distinguish itself from its kid-show counterpart, and was cancelled after only 13 episodes.  You Can’t Do That On Television, though, would soon go on to huge success.


Yar’s Revenge Theatrical Trailer

This epic ad for Atari’s Yar’s Revenge played in theaters in 1982.  The trailer explains things in a way that the game itself never did. I actually almost understand it now.


The Birth of Cosmos Game Ad

This game looks amazing. Is it played on top of an iPad?



Buffalo Bee Fun Page

This full page magazine ad for Wheat Honeys and Rice Honeys reminds me of a time when kids were really hard up for fun activities.

Buffalo Bee Fun Page


1989 Sesame Street Book Club Commercial

You may have a stronger brand identity, Sesame Street, but you’re still no Sweet Pickles.