Five Things – 1.18.16 – Suppose You Wanted To Count Five Things

1. Star Lore – Here’s a weird one.

Star Lore

This local Public Television show produced by the University of Nebraska at Omaha features a librarian who is kidnapped by an alien queen to teach the queen about story structure.  It’s basically Santa Claus Conquers The Martians but with a librarian instead of Santa and, well, whatever the aliens are instead of Martians.


Each episode focuses on a different aspect of story – plot, characters, etc… The alien queen speaks in a harsh, halted, almost Russian accent that can’t be an accident given the era in which this was produced.


Here’s an episode. It’s so weird.


2.  Telstar Arcade – The Telstar game system was produced by Coleco and released from 1976 to 1978.  Here’s an ad for the Telstar Arcade, a slick triangle console with a wood paneling appearance.  It offered a light gun and a steering wheel!



3.  Star Wars 1984 Premiere – In 1984, Star Wars made its television debut and it was a pretty big deal.  Here’s the special wraparound bumpers for the premiere, hosted by Mark Hamill himself. You can catch the wave of excitement here, and get a sense of what a big deal this really was back then in a television landscape with so few options and a ‘gotta-catch-it-live’ setting.


4.  Civilization – Dyan Cannon sings “Civilization” on the Muppet Show.  As you do.


5.  Jimmy Smith – The Sermon – Live in 1964.  Enjoy.




  1. Ross says:

    a librarian who is kidnapped by an alien queen to teach the queen about story structure.

    Wait, wait wait. I spent years trying to remember the title of Tomes and Talismans to relive a slice of my youth and now you’re telling me that there’s more than one Science Fiction Single-Topic Made-for-PBS educational series about library science?

    Man, the universe gets more mysterious and glorious every day.

    1. david says:

      I gotta say, Tomes and Talismans is the superior show. But Star Lore is a delightful entree with its own distinct flavor.
      (PS – Tomes and Talismans: )

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