Five Things – 12.30.13

1.  RoboCop Sells Out – RoboCop had a brief window of mega-popularity in the ’80s to make the most out of every marketing and licensing opportunity, and you better believe they did.  Sure, the franchise continued its popularity well into the ’90s, and with the upcoming reboot we can expect to see more product tie-ins, but these are really some perfect examples of that ’80s movie shilling.

The U.S. starts it off big, with a Chevy Ad:

Chevy Ad

Because when I’m making a major purchasing decision like a car I tend to wonder how robotic the process of its construction was and what my favorite fictional characters might think of it.

Over in Korea they brought it down to a more actionable purchase, but I’m not sure how well this sells their chicken.

Nissin in Japan brought out RoboCop’s goofy side to sell some noodles…

…and then LG dialed it back up by using him to sell futuristic 4:3 TVs.

*insert “buy that for a dollar” joke here*


2.   Justin Bieber Meets Sigur Ros – Not really, but here’s a Justin Bieber song slowed down 800% and it’s actually beautiful.


3.  Swedish Fonts – Came across this beautiful share on Reddit; some fantastic fonts from a 1956 Swedish TV show.

Att se framate

Gott Nyit 1957



4.  Sense of Right Alliance – In the world of bootleg toys, the Sense of Right Alliance is literally at the top of the heap. If you’re a toy bootlegger and have a few randoms left over, sign them up for the Sense of Right Alliance!

Sense of Right Alliance

Sense of Right Alliance

In addition to a green and lavender Batman, they somehow recruited Shrek.  That’s a good add, there.

Sense of Right Alliance back


5.  The Lost World – Here’s a “reconstruction” of all pieces of the 1925 silent film The Lost World, combining portions of eight different prints.  

Happy New Year, folks!