Five Things – 11.25.13

1.  Turkey Television – In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a mostly-forgotten sketch show from Canada called Turkey Television.  It was commissioned by Nickelodeon after the success of You Can’t Do That On Television, but didn’t fare quite as well.  It premiered in 1985 and was cancelled after one season.

While much of the material was first-run for the series, the show also featured content from other sources like Weird Al videos, found footage (with new voice-over and sound effects), and that wonderful Fish Heads music video.:

The cast featured some alumni from You Can’t Do That On Television and some Canadian comics.  Here’s some more footage from Turkey Television – definitely one nof the more bizarre and obscure offerings from early Nickelodeon:

2. Doctor Who Weetabix Ad – I don’t even know what a Weetabix is, but this Dalek’s got me sold.  A licensing free-for-all from the Tom Baker era.


3.  Turkey Day Returns! – I have fond memories of annoying my family on Thanksgiving weekend by hogging the television to watch 30 hours of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Turkey Day

The Turkey Day marathon was an annual tradition in my Thanksgiving routine, to the delight of some cousins and uncles and to the chagrin of everybody else. So you can imagine my delight when Entertainment Weekly reported that show creator Joel Hodgson will be hosting a marathon of MST3k episodes at starting at noon on Thanksgiving Day!

For any MSTie this is good news, obviously.  What’s even better is that Hodgson is taking fan suggestions via Twitter for which episodes to air.  I’ll be spam-tweeting Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, myself.

Here’s some of the Turkey Day promotion and packaging from 1991.  Oh, memories.


4.  Head Shrinker Toy – From the 1960s, for those other Doctors….those mad Doctors….


5.  Typhoon – These guys again. My album of the year.