Five Things – 9.9.13

1.  The Fonz Video Game – I mean, it makes sense that a thing like this would exist, but the thing that exists makes no sense.  In 1976, Happy Days was such a hit that SEGA decided to rebrand their game Moto-Cross into “Fonz”, taking advantage of the popular character played by Henry Winkler who was always just in off of some trip on his motorcycle.  Viewers had to be curious of what those motorcycle excursions that Fonzie was always returning from were like, right? Well, this was their chance to find out.  In an arcade.  Using handlebars.  In black and white.


And a pretty lady likes it, too! SOLD.  The game was actually probably pretty fun for it’s time., given that it was a game that already existed getting a rebranding.  And speaking of, how about that cabinet? That’s some stuff, right there.

Here’s a shot of it in action:

Fonz Screenshot

Oh, Fonzie!


2.  Sci-Fi Suburbia – The Verge has some great paintings from Simon Stålenhag, exploring what hte ’80s would look like with a sci-fi twist. They’re pretty breathtaking. Hit the link for more.




3.  Space Shuttle Concept Art – And on the heels of that, some real science from the 1960’s and ’70s that’s just as breathtaking.  Kurosita’s got a collection of concept art proposing then what the future of flight and spaceflight might look like.  The breadth of ideas captured in these drawings is pretty inspiring, to say the least:

Shuttle Concept Art

Shuttle Concept Art

I love how so many of these have a super-space-age-item being placed into the shuttle’s cargo bay, complete with big red balls and everything.

Shuttle Concept Art


AND THIS FONT.  This font always gets me.  Why can’t everything be in this font? Why can’t I live back when everything was in this font?

Shuttle Concept Art

There’s more goodness. I had to stop myself. Hit the link.

4.  Today’s Special: Boxes – I’ve posted before about my fondness for the Canadian Kid’s Show Today’s Special.  Here’s a clip that didn’t exactly stand the test of time.  Dude loves boxes!

That’s some dance routine.


5.  Get Lucky – The Internet loves this, and so do I.  Here’s Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” composed in Mario Paint.