Five Things – 8.26.13

1.  Columbia House – In the second half of the twentieth century, it was almost impossible to open a magazine aimed at anyone under 25 and not see a Columbia House ad contained somewhere within.

Columbia House

Columbia House offered both children who had no disposable income and college students who were able to get into their own debt an irresistable offer – a large amount of music for a very small price.  The scale of the “large amount of music” and the “very small price” changed slightly over the years (I think I got in for a penny!), but the deal was the best you’d find anywhere.  At least up-front.  And all you had to do was purchase a bunch more music over the next three years at exorbitant prices!

Kind of creepy and telling how this guy refers to this deal as “our little secret”, and that the ads were in Psychology Today!
In the ’90s they added VHS movies to the deal and softened their message a bit.

Go into debt for a copy of Fried Green Tomatoes!

The best worst deal ever? Probably, but I did get Guns n’ Roses G’N’R Lies, Poison’s Open Up and Say Ahhhh!, Skid Row and Great White’s Twice Shy for a penny (plus about $200 in shipping).  And, like, eight other albums but those stunk.


2.  Solaris Posters – Here’s a roundup of posters for Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 film Solaris from around the world.  Hit the link for more, but these are my favorites. Like most international movie posters, it’s interesting to see where the emphasis is placed in each region.


Solaris Polish Poster

Solaris Russian Poster

Solaris Spanish Poster

That last one from Spain’s got a bit of a fun psychadelic feel going on, even in the font! What a goofy, wacked-out, horrific space ghost!

Here’s the Russian trailer for the release. Again, interesting to see how it cuts up and presents this film:


3.  Astro Fighter – Retrospace has this hilarious ad targeted at arcade owners for Astro Fighter.  Yeah, she’s a real space captain, all right.

Astro Fighter


4.  Jolene – Someone slowed Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” down by 25%, and it’s amazing.  About two steps behind the rest of the internet here, but it’s still good!


5.  Spider Man Backpack – Thanks, Dorman’s Cheese!

spider man backpack