Five Things – 7.15.13

1.  RCA SelectaVision Player – Not to be confused with the Laserdisc, a similarly terrible idea, the RCA SelectaVision was conceived in 1964.  The idea of a movie-playing record was a good one in 1964, and RCA succeeded in creating a format that was able to dramatically increase the density of an LP record.  Unfortunately, a slew of misfortunes delayed development of the format and the RCA SelectaVision wasn’t released until 1981.  That 17 year gap saw the introduction of the VHS, Betamax, and Laserdisc formats, all of which had higher storage capacity (and debatably better fidelity) than the SelectaVision.  RCA made a valiant effort to market it, but the project was cancelled in 1984.


The marketing may have been a little on the smug side?


2.  Inappropriate 90210 Doll Ad – Just a couple of teenagers playing with dolls and referencing Brandon being naked.  Nothing inappropriate here!

3.  Sega Genesis Ad – I think SEGA might have been a little premature in their hubris here…

Genesis Ad



4.  Schwinn Catalog – Pie Shops has a great Schwinn catalog from 1966 that’s worth checking out:

Schwinn Catalog

Endorsed by the Captain!

Captain Kangaroo


5. Kaptain Kool and the Kong’s – This is just weird.  Here are Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, from the Krofft Supershow, performing a tribute in 1978 to Saturday Morning Television.  The sentiment is great. The song seems to follow the “laundry list loosely set to music” format and doesn’t really seem very rehearsed and also seems to go on forever.  It’s worth watching to the end, though, to see John Wayne applaud his approval.