Five Things – 6.10.13

1. Project Apollo View-Master – Over at View-Master World there’s a series about the Apollo space missions.  The cover art alone is something else:

Project Apollo

The series seems to be all puppets and no real photography, which makes sense in a bizarre way. Obviously they could create more exciting images than what they would have had to work with from NASA shots at the time, but the whole thing has a very Thunderbirds feel to it. It was probably the only way to tell this story in full color and not have it be completely illustrated.  Whatever the reason, it’s got a really specific and strange and nostalgic feel:


I wonder how long it took to make those shiny suits.



Pretty adorably awesome.


2. Taco Bell 1979 Commercial – To counter Del Taco’s cutesy spot from last week, here’s a Taco Bell ad from 1979.  It’s not the Taco Bell we know today, by a long shot.

 The ragtime music, the shots of fresh food, and the family togetherness angle all come together to position Taco Bell as that Main Street, USA diner from the 1950’s.  It really looks like an ad for another restaurant that someone spliced images of Taco Bell into. 

That said, I miss the Enchirito.

Also, I miss the old Taco Bell logo.


3.   Video Game Print Ads – Retrospace has a nice retrospective of 1980’s arcade games, featuring some great vintage ad photos and cabinet art.  Here’s some of my favorites – hit the link for more.

Food Fight

 The look on the chef who’s crouched closest to the ground is the best.  He took the role seriously!


ALL the hot ladies play Centipede, amirite?


4. Looking Into Science – Dreams of Space amazes again with a set of California school booklets for space subjects from 1965.  Each more drool-worthy than the last.







The Moon



5. Transformers Reflective Stickers – Remember back when stickers were something you bought, with money?


That kid’s face turning into a Transformer is nightmare fuel.