Power Lords Video Game

So I mentioned Power Lords in this week’s Five Things. Well, apparently the video game based on the franchise is the rarest game released for the Magnavox Odyssey 2, a pretty rare console in and of itself.  I thought I’d follow up Monday’s post with some box art for Power Lords and a little gameplay footage.

Here’s the box – that’s some pretty intense artwork:


Power Lords box


And here’s a video of the gameplay.  The snake with the laser eyes, while awesome, is unkillable and the game doesn’t really end.  Still, for its day and age this is a pretty gorgeous game as Odyssey 2 games go:


Also, a Power Lords game was developed for Coleco that never got released.  This page goes into more detail about it and even has a downloadable ROM of the prototype.  Here’s a tiny screenshot of the improved graphics:


Coleco Power Lords



Now THAT’S a laser-beam snake!