Five Things – 4.8.13


1.  Pryor’s Place – In 1984, the Kroffts teamed up with Richard Pryor to rip off Sesame Street.

Pryor's Place


The result was a bizarrely charming show called Pryor’s Place.  As you can see from the poster, it occupied part of CBS’ Saturday Morning lineup alongside Supercade and Get Along Gang.  Only 15 episodes were created (man, the Kroffts had some misses!) and the series was cancelled after 3 months.  Here’s a spot for it and some footage!



2.  The Force of Fur – Amazing! The Star Wars gang was used by Vogue in the ’70s to sell fur coats.  Well, I’m using the term “gang” lightly, but still!


The Force of Fur



3.  Mr. Peanut’s Guide to Nutrition – So Much Pileup shares this great brochure focused on improving children’s health.  Spoiler alert – the answer is peanuts.  It’s always peanuts with this guy.


Mr. Peanut's Guide



Amazing detail on the human anatomy here.  In the ’70s, all children had baseball caps on their heads.


Peanut Body



4.  Atlanta Super Mario Map – I was going to say something like “Super MARTA-i-o”, but that just stinks.  Anyway, here’s a graphic done by Dave Delisle – his latest effort at giving public transit maps the Super Mario Brothers 3 treatment.  This thing just drips with awesome:





5.  When Loving Lovers Love – The part where Brain Guy comes out and the audience applauds gets me every time.