Five Things – 3.11.13


1.  Montgomery Ward 1982 Catalog Scans – Came across an old post on Geektarded from 2008 that has some AMAZING scans from an old Montgomery Ward catalog.  Of particular note is:


WKRP control center


Yes, that’s a playset based on WKRP in Cincinnati.  That this existed, that it was decorated with these colors, and that it seems to have gotten its own page in the catalog are three pretty amazing facts.

An awesome spread of Empire Strikes Back toys:


Empire Strikes Back toys


I remember being jealous of my friends who had the AT-AT toys, but I also remember them not being that great when you were actually playing with them.

Finally, some pages showcasing the height of Pac-Man fever:


Pac Man 1


OK, nothing too bad here, some pajamas, sheets, a TV tray…


Pac Man 2



Hit the link for more goodness!

2.  Nickelodeon Special Delivery –  This block on ’80s and ’90s Nickelodeon was less focused than Pinwheel or other Nick franchises.  It seemed to be a catch-all for any acquired programming that didn’t fit under any other umbrella – it featured movies, cartoons, and marathons of shows, seemingly at random.  Still, the intro and look of the block evokes a lot of nostalgia.


Reminds me a little bit of Shel Silverstein. Not as good, but similar!


3.  Union for Children’s Rights – Speaking of Shel, one of my favorite drawings/poems of his:

Union for Children's Rights


The “UCR” on the one kid’s forehead is great.


4.  Mappy specs – Found this scan from what I assume was a larger document with references for Mappy art and color. I love it!


Mappy Specs


5.  House Hippo – Another Canadian PSA with an adorable Hippo and a really great, broad message just like Astar from last week.