World’s Fair Wednesday – Expo 2008, Thirst Pavilion

A little more recent than what’s normally featured here, but there are a few cool things about Expo 2008 that are worth sharing.  The Expo was held in Zaragoza, Spain and held the theme of Water and Sustainable Development.  As you can guess, there was some pretty great architecture happening.  Also, this little guy was the mascot:




Meet Fluvi, the ambassador of the preciousness and irreplaceability of water.




Probably my favorite aspect of the Expo that I’ve read about is the Thirst pavilion.


Thirst Pavilion


An igloo structure covered with salt, the building reflected the sun’s rays in the daytime and glowed in the evening. Inside were several installations centered around water and thirst.  Here’s some footage of one – amazing animation.


Expo Zaragoza / Thirst pavilion / Room E – Thirst is nescessary (on-site footage) from Kim Petersen on Vimeo.

Also, Cirque du Soliel threw a parade every day.  Every day.