Five Things – 8.27.12

1.  Auroratone – I stumbled across this amazing thing this week – a series of videos constructed in the 1940s to treat mental disorders.  The attempt, called Auroratone, used soothing music and psychedelic images to produce a calming sensation.  Here’s the only one I could find, a remastered Auroratone with Bing Crosby providing the song.


These films were apparently used in the Army and Navy to treat neuropsychiatric and migraine cases.  Amazing!


2.  Vintage Circus – Neat Stuff‘s got a great pictorial of images from circus days gone by. Check out the collection of photos from the 40’s and 50’s.


Vintage Circus


3.  Space Exploration Map – Check out this beautiful map that I found at  It gorgeously details every space mission we’ve sent out to date.  It’s one of those things thats beautiful at a glance and beautiful upon closer inspection, but in two different ways.


Space Exploration Map


4. SMRT Cross-stitch – Up on Etsy now is an awesome cross-stitch pattern of one of the original EPCOT mascots, SMRT the robot.  Amazement!




5.  Dalek Cleaning – With the new season of Doctor Who hitting this week (!), I wanted to share one of my favorite bits of humor (Who-mor? No.) that I’ve come across that’s fan-generated.  Here’s a notice left by a Dalek cleaning service:


Daleks note


Love it.




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  1. Becky says:

    I love that cleaning service card so much!

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