Worlds Fair Wednesdays – Expo Ernie

Expo ’86 took place in Vancouver and, from what I can tell, was pretty well received all around.  Expo ’86 focused mostly on innovations in the  transportation and communication fields. The three interlocking loops in the logo symbolize the main modes of transportation:  air, land and water.


The mascot of Expo 86 was Expo Ernie, a remote controlled robot.  Ernie and his brothers travelled the world before the Expo itself, and served as hosts of each zone.  It is TOUGH to find a good image of him, but worldsfairphotos saves the day.


Expo Ernie


Also, here’s a great video of the Skytrain rolling through the Expo grounds.  The video quality looks like something fantastic from the 1960s, which only adds to the appeal of the setting.


(Apologies to those of you who arrived here searching for the Wolf Parade album titled Expo ’86, or Death Cab for Cutie’s Expo ’86 song.  Hope you enjoyed this anyway!)