Five Things – 3.19.12

1.  AIR: Le Voyage Dans La Lune – Who knew that AIR had recently released a soundtrack to that classic Sci-Fi film, Le Voyage Dans La Lune? Not me! AIR, you’ve got to let us know!  AIR has been one of my favorite bands since Moon Safari – they really make you feel like you’re in some sort of “rec room” on a space station.   Anyway, I purchased the album and it’s fantastic.  Here’s one of the tracks:


2.  Voyage of the Mimi – I first encountered this educational film series in 1991, in my seventh grade Biology class.  They really don’t make educational curriculum like this anymore.  The Sunburst Communications logo at the beginning is perfect.  Also, baby Ben Affleck!


We never saw how this series wrapped up – my Biology class moved on to other projects.  I might need to devote a night to watching this on YouTube.


3.  Zelda: Four Swords – I’ve mentioned Nintendo’s weird peripheral strategy before, and I’ll mention it again in the future, but here’s a hamfisted attempt that actually turned out beautifully.  Shortly after introducing the Gamecube, Nintendo offered the ability to connect their handheld Game Boy Advance to the system to allow up to four players to have their own screen in addition to the “main” screen on the television.  Unfortunately, they didn’t offer many titles that used this feature, but there were a few games that did – and they were fantastic.

Four Swords

Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures in 2004, which allowed you to play a Zelda adventure with three other friends, all different colored Links.  You worked together to solve puzzles and fight monsters, and there was an element of competition involved as well.  I’m a pretty big gamer, and playing Four Swords remains one of my fondest gaming memories.


Forgive the commentary.


4.  Workplace Fashion – Pie Shops offers this impressive display of workplace style.  The orignal hipster?

workplace fashion


5.  Journey Into Imagination – yeah, I know, I’m a big Disney fan.  But what if this concept art of Journey Into Imagination were REAL? Answer: I’d live there.

Imagination concept art