Five Things – 2.13.12

1.  Women’s Lib – Retrospace shares this Young Miss magazine cover from 1972, which contains a quiz testing your mettle about women’s lib! The cover is pretty gorgeous, and the “quiz” is something, too.

women's lib

For what it’s worth, I passed.

2.   Dynamite Magazine – I came across one of these this week and it set off a nostalgia bomb in my head.  Dynamite magazine was a staple of those book fairs that came to elementary schools once or twice a year.  It was essentially a kid’s version of People. Retrocrush has several covers!

Dynamite Muppets

Dynamite Chips


3.  Q*bert – I don’t know what made me think about Q*bert this week.  Once I did, I remembered how obsessed with him I was as a 6-year-old . I would draw pictures of him all the time and make his noise whenever I jumped . I would throw frisbees onto the ground and stand on them, imagining they were taking me to the top of an imaginary cube pyramid where I was being pursued by a jumping, coiled snake.  Seriously.


For those of you who don’t know what Q*bert is, it was a coin-op video game that featured an orange dude with a trumpet-like nose.  He appeared on top of a cube pyramid, and your job was to change all of the cube faces to the same color without getting killed.


They made a home version for Atari, but it wasn’t nearly as good.  Q*bert became pretty popular, I believe he even got a cartoon.


4.  Disneyland, 1957 – Disney History Institute has this amazing video of Disneyland in 1957.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen footage from the 50s this clean.  You can really appreciate how much Disneyland was a step above other theme parks through this video.



5.  Who Are We? – I usually like to be optimistic on here, but I saw this video that wreckandsalvage posted this week and I felt like I had to share it. It’s  a montage of commercials recorded during breaks on court television.  Is this who we are?


Who Are We? from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.