Five Things – 1.9.12

1.  Halley’s Comet – I was eight in 1986, when the Halley’s Comet craze was all over the place.  I caught the fever and was obsessed by it.  I went to the same planetarium show about a dozen times, would write (unassigned) reports on it, and woke up a few early mornings to try and see it with my dad.  I checked out all the books my school library had on it, and was just reminiscing about some of the awesome covers they had:

The Return of the Comet


New True Book - Halley's Comet

And this one was the best – one of those books with a tape that you read along to.  I got it at the Science Center and wore the tape out.  I wish I still had it! It ended with a song called “A Once in a Lifetime Feeling” that the narrator just randomly broke into.

The Return of Halley's CometReturn of Halley's Comet back


2.  Gertrude’s Secrets – This game was created by The Learning Company, who also made a bunch of other classroom-type computer games.  This was one of my first “video games”, and I pretty much played it nonstop during computer time in the first grade.  The graphics and screen layout design are interesting and appropriate – it’s got a real 1970s “this is the wave of the future of education” feel to it.  Found this video of someone playing it on Youtube:



3.  Dreams of Space – My friend Robert turned me onto this great blog, focused on vintage books about space.  It’s filled with awesome images like this one.  Check him out, here!Hammond Guide to Exploration of Space


4.  Loud Mouth Lime – Waffle Whiffer recently shared some awesome packaging from a Pillsbury version of Kool Aid.

Loudmouth Lime


5.  The Magic Roundabout – another French gem, broadcast in the US on Pinwheel.


Pretty nostalgic Five Things this week.