Five Things – 1.2.12

1.  from What Makes The Pie Shops Tick:

Arthritis Exhibit


2.  Chapi Chapo – another inspiring bit of TV from my childhood.  This French stop-motion series played in the US as part of the Pinwheel anthology program on Nickelodeon.  The design and animation here were both really early inspirations for me, and the theme song will easily get stuck in your head (sorry).

3.  arizona – Three proofs later,  arizona is finally done! I am waiting to receive the first shipment in the mail, and will post more formal details when everything is ready. I am already well into writing the third book in this four-part series (tentatively titled lost celebrity), and will keep you posted on its progress as well.

arizona proofs


4.  Hario Pourover – so I did not get a Yama this year, but I did get this awesome Hario ceramic pour-over from my wife.  It’s a little similar to the Chemex pour-over method, but has a different filter which lets a little bit more through.  It is a little more bitter than a Chemex brew, but still very flavorful and aromatic!

Hario v60

This thing is perfect for a single cup of coffee.  I also picked up the carafe for it, because look at this adorable thing:

v60 carafe


5.  Board Games – over the holidays, Becky and I came across a vintage game sale while we were taking a walk.  The box art for some of these old games was astounding and familiar, and I realized what a strong but subtle influence these designs had been on me as a child. In the 70s and 80s, board games were everywhere — everybody’s house had at least a few board games in it, and some even had closets full of them.  As kids we would play with the board games while the grown-ups visited with each other, and seeing these boxes again made me realize how much time I spent looking at them back then.

Check out this old trivia game box and board:

Trivia Challenge

I’ll do a post soon with more vintage boxes.


Happy New Year! -ds