Five Things – 12.4.11

1. arizona delay – I encountered a slight wrinkle finishing up arizona, and it will take a bit longer than I was anticipating. The Sketcbook Pro app I use on iPad for the illustrations worked great for planning layouts and initial designs, but it was a little unsatisfactory on the final layouts. I decided that it would be best to re-draw all pages using ink, and am currently doing that! A late book is annoying, but a bad book is bad forever.


2. The Living Seasepcotexplorer’s got a great writeup on the Living Seas exhibit from EPCOT, which has unfortunately turned into a Little Nemo ride with about 95% less education.

The Living Seas


3. Walibi Schtroumpf – I tried to find this place when we visited France a few years ago, but didn’t have much luck. Apparently it’s a Smurf-themed park that’s been through a few different iterations and eventually became stripped of all Smurf-related things.  Amazing/Creepy/Amazing!


4. MST3k ornament – we had a holiday tree-trimming party this weekend, and the theme was Mystery Science Theater 3000. I made a Rowsdower ornament!


5. Yama coffee siphon – this bad boy has made the top of my Christmas wish list. This thing looks nuts!