Five Things – 12.19.11

1 . The Letter People – Another sacred PBS-morning-lineup memory of mine. I can see the opening animation with my eyes closed.


2.  arizona – I’m happy to say that the art and layouts for arizona are completed, and the file will be sent for proof printing this week! The next stage involves a lot of proofing and revising and re-proofing, and that takes time, but this is a big step! Hoping the book will be ready sometime in January.

arizona draft


3.  Yama watch 2011 – only a few shopping days left until Christmas! This Yama siphon looks like a Klingon weapon:

Cona siphon


4.  Candy Claws – these guys are a band from Colorado that I stumbled across years ago. They’ve got a really unique sound, and are one of those bands who I can never bring myself to take their albums off of my iPod to make space. They just released their 2011 holiday song, check it out:


5.  linus


happy holidays!