Five Things – 12.11.11

1. I didn’t get CHCH 11, nor had I ever heard of it, but the design of this movie intro makes me wish I had.


2.  This Best Western was (is?) apparently next to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. They seem to have caught the theme from the Carousel of Progress and put a…tackier….spin on it.  I still love it! From motelpostcards:

The Cosmic LoungeThe Cosmic LoungeYes, that is a geodesic dome by the pool!

3.  When I was a kid, my family would vacation every summer at Saint Simons Island. I remember long mornings with my cousins watching kids shows on PBS and eating Froot Loops. Most of the shows we got were the same as what I got in Florida, but there were one or two that weren’t. One of them came on pretty late in the morning, after the top-tier shows, and I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to remember what it was. The answer came to me in a mix by Princples of Geometry that used the theme song, a song which has apparently been coded into my brain and immediately reminded me of the show. The show is Thinkabout, and the intro is here:



4.  I came across this collection of Vince Guaraldi’s lost cues from the Charlie Brown television specials. It’s become my soundtrack for the past week. It’s so loose and funky!


5.  Yama Watch 2011 continues! Check out this Yama that does cold-brew! It looks like a 19th century lab tool!

Yama Cold Brew