Five Things – 11.28.11

1. Discworld – for some reason I’ve always dismissed this series by Terry Pratchett as being a goofy, magic-and-dragons fantasy with a hefty injection of British humor.  I gave it a chance recently and it turns out that it is a goofy, magic-and-dragons fantasy series with a hefty injection of British humor, and I love it.  I blew through the first couple of books, and Becky and I listened to the audiobooks of Equal Rites and Mort on our way to and from Orlando for Thanksgiving this year.

2.ICE Pop Up Shop – the wonderful ladies of ICE have graciously allowed me to offer miniature ships for sale at this year’s Pop-Up Shop.  The shop is open from December 1-24 at Criminal Records in Little 5 Points.  Check it out!

3.  Dropbox – This one’s not new, but its a lifesaver and I thought I’d mention it here.  I use several different machines depending on what kind of work I’m doing – Macbook Air for writing, Macbook Pro for layouts/graphics, and my PC for just about everything else.  As you can imagine, it’s a hassle to be sure that I’ve got the most updated version of a file to work with on each platform.  Thankfully, I came across this method to create symlinks inside your Dropbox to sync folders across all machines – for me, it’s the documents folder.  That way, when I alter a file, it automatically syncs with the other machines via Dropbox.  Here’s a how-to with links to more information.

4.  Tycho – thanks to my friend Robert for turning me onto these guys.  Great stuff.

5. Waltfrom