Five Things – 8.20.12

1.  McDonad’s Transformers- In the early days of the Happy Meal, the toy that kids got inside was usually something “self-produced” by McDonalds.  It was a Grimace bowling pin set, or a Birdie puppet or something similar.  In the 80s, they started to transition to what Happy Meal toys are now – licensed products like Hot Wheels, Star Wars, or Barbie.  This set of toys featured the best of both worlds.


McDonald's Transformers Before


McDonald's Transformers After


In 1986, McDonalds rolled out a set of Transformers toys that were McDonalds products that turned into robots.  As a kid, I had a tough time work this into the Transformers universe – like, was the food in that universe now robotic as well? Was nothing safe to eat, for fear that your hotcakes were  actually a jet fighter laying in wait? I’m pretty sure I didn’t spend much time dwelling on that, and quickly got over it.  My McDonald’s Transformers were probably dumped at a garage sale some time in the 90s, but twenty-eight years later, I finally miss them.

Here’s the commercial:



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