Making It Great – Pizza Hut Training Video (1988)

This video’s been a bit of a sleeper hit around my house.

On the surface it seems sort of unremarkable given the other fast-food training videos of the era like “Grill Skills” and “Clean It”, but something about it has infected us.  Maybe it’s Julie’s enthusiasm. Maybe it’s her brown-plaid-on-brown-on-brown uniform.

Maybe it’s the painful visual reminders of the days when Pizza Hut was a dine-in parlor with tavern lighting, pitchers of soda, and tabletop arcade games. Maybe it’s the frequent attempts to force their then-slogan “Making it Great” into casual conversation. Maybe it’s the shout-out to Priazzo, their surprisingly complicated take on the Italian pie. And maybe it’s learning about the existence of Fairy Dust, the magical Pizza Hut blend of spices that…cough…”makes it great.”Whatever it is, my five-year-old (and the rest of us) can’t get enough of seeing Julie learn the ins and outs of how to make a pan pizza, a thin crust, a Priazzo, and a personal pan pizza.


And here’s a bonus!  It’s my wife Becky’s take on Fairy Dust over at Glue & Glitter. It’s legit!

(image credit: Glue & Glitter)



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  1. Becky says:

    Part of me thinks that what really captures Darrol’s imagination in this video is that they’re making pizza.

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