Five Things – 03.07.16 – Tiny the Mustache Twirler Is Pointing At Me

Popular Science Covers

Here’s a roundup of some gorgeous covers of the long-running Popular Science magazine. Retrofuturism bliss ahead!

Popular Science 3 Popular Science 2 Popular Science 1

I particularly love this one featuring automotive issues as devils!

Popular Science 5


Blankety Blanks

This 1977 game show is an Australian version of The Match Game. Pretty much line-by-line. They even had their own Charles Nelson Reilly!

Blankety Blanks

Blankety Blanks 2


It’s probably my own ignorance that I don’t know who these celebrities are, but for me this is like what waking up in an alternate dimension in the 1970s and seeing their version of The Match Game would be.


Science Moves The Army

I’m not much of a war guy by any means; I certainly don’t plan to start any myself. This 1950s propaganda film about the role science is playing in military development, however, is still pretty fascinating.


Lucid Dream Machine

How about this crazy 1980s infomercially ad for a Lucid Dream Machine? Also, I’m in for two. Get me Preston Hogarth on the phone.


Bonk’s Adventures Commercial

A super cute animated 1990s Bonk’s Adventure (called PC Kid in Japan) commercial rounds us out this week.