World Fair Wednesday – Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Chicago, 1893

Still at the Columbian World Exposition in 1893 this week, taking a look at a manly man and his manly actions.  William F. Cody, “Buffalo Bill”, petitioned to bring his Wild West Show to the Expo but was shut down by the organizers.  While a less manly man may have quietly disappeared, Cody went to Chicago anyway and set his show up right outside of the Fair Grounds.  And it was a hit. And he didn’t have to share a dime with the organizers.

Here’s a great poster for his show – not sure if this is for the 1893 show or not, but it’s gorgeous:


Buffalo Bill poster



And here’s Annie Oakley, sitting in front of her tent at the show in 1893 and reading a book.  I love this picture! From Lisa’s History Room:


Annie Oakley