A note on the distant friends “Free Read”


I’ve noticed many visitors to the site have attempted to access the “Free Read: distant friends” page, which offers a free look at one of my “EP” books, distant friends.  Depending on the day or time, that page may or may not have been available.  The reason is that the plugin I’m using for that slideshow, when active, disables many other functions of the site.  On posting days, that becomes a real issue, so I disable it while I write.  Sometimes, I forget to re-enable it!  The fault is entirely mine, and I”m looking for better solutions than the offending plugin.  In the meantime, if you find yourself unable to view the free read I ask you to please contact me and let me know, so that I can either get you an electronic copy of the book or re-enable the plugin so that you can read it at your leisure.

Hopefully this issue will be a thing of the past soon, and I appreciate both your interest and your patience.   Really.  It means so much that you’d want to read it, and I’m sorry that this technical issue has kept you from reading more!