Welcome! And Free E-Book!

Welcome! This is the Timid Futures blog. Timid Futures is my publishing company, and I’ll use this blog to talk about upcoming works, cool publishing tricks I’ve learned and other things I find neat. I hope you enjoy it!

Last fall I published a book with my pal Cooper Sanchez. It’s called miniature ships, and it’s a collection of 28 children’s poems. I wrote the poems and Cooper did the illustrations.  The book centers around togetherness, solitude, possessions, and just enjoying life.  You can check it out from the links on the sidebar.

I’ve just (like, just) finished a short book of 18 poems called distant friends.  While working on the book that will actually follow miniature ships,  I noticed that some of the poems I’d been writing in the meantime seemed to collect around this loose post-apocalyptic idea of everyday life.  Most of them are unnoticed glances into different characters’ day-to-day thoughts, the kinds of things you think about when you’re doing other things.  Although those thoughts are idle, there’s still something behind them:  regret, hope, loss, hunger, gratitude.  After reading through them I culled a few down, edited them, designed a cover in Sketchbook Pro for iPad, and packaged everything up into e-book format using InDesign.

The result is distant friends,  sort of a weird younger brother to miniature ships, and I’ve decided to make it available for reading here for free.  I hope you like it! If you want a copy to take with you, its available on the Amazon Kindle store and (soon) on the iBookstore. Still working a physical edition.

Click here to read distant friends.

For what it’s worth, this book is more of an “aside” than a formal followup to miniature ships, which will be part of a four-book collection.  Think of this one as more of an “EP”.

Anyway, enjoy.