Five Things – 08.04.14

1.  Can Animals Think – No question mark here! This 1950 educational film is bluntly titled “Can Animals Think” and spends about 10 minutes pondering this eternally obvious subject.  His running commentary is pretty great, though – it’s as if the narrator is seeing this film for the first time along with the rest of us.

2.  Team SEGA – Not to be outdone by the Nintendo Fun Club, SEGA had a newsletter of its own that supported the Master System. It was originally titled Sega Challenge…

SEGA Challenge

… but by its fourth issue it was renamed to just the “Team SEGA Newsletter”.


Team SEGA cover

The contents were a step up from the Nintendo Fun Club’s newsletter – it made the NFC look like a pamphlet.

Reggie Jackson Baseball feature

It was also ad supported, which may explain the difference in quality. Here’s a good looking Activision ad:

Activision TS Ad

The Team Sega Newsletter was eventually revamped into Sega Visions, a magazine that supported the Genesis.


3.  1960s Garbage Disposal Infomercial – Here’s a GE Garbage Disposal “Infomercial” from the 1960s.  I’m hesitant to call it an infomercial because there’s no tacky host, no tacky set, and no tacky audience, but calling it a “long commercial” just doesn’t feel right.

She just puts a bone right in that disposal! What! Also, that kitchen is amazing.


4.  Wait Till Your Father Gets Home – Hanna Barbera produced this All In the Family-inspired cartoon from 1972 to 1974.


It started as a segment during Love, American Style and eventually became its own prime-time animated sitcom – the first since The Flintstones, and there wouldn’t be another one until The Simpsons. The series was definitely targeted at adults, tackling social issues of the day the same way that All In The Family did – both sides of the argument were lovable.

This show had the standard Hanna-Barbera laugh track, but enhanced – HB added a “third belly laugh” to the track to distinguish it from the others.

The third belly laugh didn’t seem to pay off, and the show was pulled off the air in 1974.  A live action version was attempted, then aborted.


5.  Peanut Butter No Jelly – Here’s Vincent Price selling candy bars.

To be fair, that’s a pretty rad wrapper for that candy bar. Wradper? Sorry.