Five Things – 10.14.13

1.  Misfits of Science – In 1985 NBC put a wacky show about some super-powered humans and their 80’s lifestyles on their Friday night schedule.

Misfits of Science title

Misfits of Science was an attempt on NBC’s part to cash in on the success of Ghostbusters the year before – taking the supernatural angle of Ghostbusters and replacing it with more comic book sci-fi stuff.  But keeping it light.  And making it REALLY ’80s.

Misfits CastYeah, that’s Courtney Cox!

One pilot and 15 episodes were produced, but the series was cancelled before all of the episodes could air.  Because NBC put this up against Dallas.

Did I mention this show is REALLY ’80s? Here’s the intro:

2.  Colorized Historic Photos – Here’s a roundup of some historic photographs that have been given some pretty awesome colorization treatments.  Here are my faves – hit the link for more!

Auto Wreck

Abandoned Boy




3.  Star Atlas Title Page – Here’s the beautiful title page for an 1822 star catalog.  It’s both a typography fan’s dream and nightmare at the same time.

Jamieson Cover



4.  Doctor Who Tenure – And here’s an interesting illustration of each Doctor’s tenure in terms of episode number and length.  A really slick design for a really geeky measurement!

Doctor Length



5.  Down By The River – An amazing funky/spacey cover of Neil Young’s “Down by the River” by the Undisputed Truth.