Five Things – 7.1.13

1.  Panasonic Take n Tape – Panasonic really had this ‘music on the go’ thing nailed.  Last week we saw the TNT 8-track player, and this week we’ve got the Take n’ Tape.

Take n Tape

I’m not sure why this couple felt the need to take five of these guys to the beach. Maybe they couldn’t decide on a color – it’s admittedly a tough choice.  So instead of 8 tracks, these took cassettes – you could also record on the go.  Poorly.  But they looked pretty sassy.  I’m a fan of this entire line of products.

Here’s a spot for them – they’re available at Lacy’s!

2.  Mattel Sports Handhelds – In 1976, Mattel developed a line of electronic sports games that were roughly the size of a calculator.  There was an auto racing game, a football game,  a baseball game, and a bunch of others.  The games were played by alternating red lights that symbolized the players – they were a little difficult to figure out but there wasn’t much other competition at the time.  These things were also crazy popular.

Mattel Sports

Oddly enough, I couldn’t imagine trying to figure one of these games out today. In 1979, Mattel released a (much anticipated?) followup to Basketball, titled Basketball 2.  It featured passing! Here’s a commercial for it:


3.  Mega Man 2 – I was obsessed with Mega Man 2 – the graphics, the setting, and the difficulty ensured that I would spend most of my free time playing this game.  I was reminded this week of the awesome Mega Man poster that came in my issue of Nintendo Power.

Mega Man 2 Poster

Here’s a fun French commercial for Mega Man 2, with a news reporter Mario and some awkward live action shots mixed in:


4.  Phantom Tollbooth Movie Posters – One of my favorite childhood stories, I remember being pretty underwhelmed by the movie version of The Phantom Tollbooth. That said, I do like the design on these posters:

Phantom Tollbooth poster

This one’s got a real blockbuster-slash-Willy-Wonka feel to it.

Phantom Tollbooth 2

Butch (The Munsters) Patrick, y’all!


5.  Superman Peanut Butter – I’m so glad Superman didn’t break down and give the secret of why his peanut butter tastes so good.