Five Things – 4.23.12 – World’s Fair Edition

Lately I’ve found myself reading about Worlds Fairs, those expos of society’s progress that were held time to time all over the world as far back as the 19th century.  Growing up as an 80s kid, I never heard much about these – seems like I was born just a little bit too late for the Fairs to be on my radar.  To my surprise, they’re still happening today.  Maybe it’s a “rose-colored glasses” thing, but looking through the exhibits of the World’s Fairs throughout the centuries emphasizes this great spirit of togetherness and optimism as all these nations and their industries came together to boast of their achievements, learn of others, and work together to push society forward.  Here are some of my favorite bits and bobs that I’ve come across:

1.  FUTURAMA – General Motors had some of the coolest architecture and forward-reaching exhibits that I’ve come across.  Futurama, at the 1964 fair in New York, took guests through a look at the exploration and technology of tomorrow.

I think we misplaced this future somewhere.

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