Five Things – 10.5.12 – Air Supply’s, Like, Going On

 CBS 1983 Saturday Morning Preview – I love these things.  I know I’m stating the obvious if you’ve read more than a few of the posts here, but it’s true.  There’s something special about them – these shows that were hastily created to talk about other shows, using some of the star power leverage of…

Five Things – 08.17.15 – Taskbars and Email and Shortcuts, Oh My

1.  Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide – Microsoft really went overboard with this goofy tutorial video on the then-new features of Windows 95.  There were a lot of changes from Windows 3.1, and what better way to display those changes than through an overacted, borderline offensive corporate training video? I’m sorry, I mean a cyber-sitcom….

Five Things – 11.3.14

1. That Refreshing Look – The appropriately-1950s-named Vendo corporation produced this promotional film touting the benefits of Coca-Cola’s new vending machines.  The part that’s actually about the machines themselves is a little dry, but the crisp color imagery of 1950s American life at the beginning and the ‘roleplay’ selling scenarios at the end are fantastic.

Five Things – 5.19.14

1.  Journeys From Beyond Earth – Before Ancient Aliens and the occasional lucky week on Unsolved Mysteries, there wasn’t really much regular attention given to UFOs and Extraterrestrial investigation on television.  The channel spectrum was so slim and the market for stuff like that had  yet to really reveal itself.  There were more popular, remembered ones like Chariot of the…

Five Things – 12.02.13

1.  Pan Am Moon Reservations – Back when enthusiasm for our future in space was at its peak, Pan Am Airlines offered reservations for Moon flights.  Well, not specific reservations, but you could get on a waiting list. You basically called or wrote to Pan Am, gave them your information, and you were all set…

Five Things – 9.23.13

1. 2010: The Graphic Action Game – I love 2010: Odyssey Two, both the book and movie.  I love the book because it’s a pretty great one-upping of 2001 and a pretty inspiring story idea in its own right, but I love the movie for different reasons.  2001, the film, is this elegant exercise that seems to…

Five Things – 2.6.12

1.  Miles Davis Quintet Skateboards – Dangerous Minds shares this set of skateboard decks depicting the Miles Davis Quintet.  Amazing!