Five Things – 10.21.13

1.  Wizards and Warriors – Decades before Game of Thrones, there was Wizards and Warriors.  In 1983 CBS took a gamble on the idea that the general public was ready for swords and sorcery, that it was finally time to wrest the concept from the hands of the nerds, pull it out of the basements of America, and hold it aloft for the world to see.

Wizards and Warriors

They were wrong.  Sure, movies like Conan the Barbarian performed well with a general audience, but it appeared America wasn’t quite ready for a weekly fix in their living rooms.  Wizards and Warriors made it 8 episodes in and was cancelled.

Here’s the first episode – shared here mainly for the intro. It’s got a real “cop show” feel to it, for some reason.  I’m gonna admit, I didn’t make it through the whole episode. If you do, let me know and we’ll work on some sort of badge.



2.  MST3k Love Theme – Some marvelous soul has taken the ending theme to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and stretched it out 800%, resulting in an amazing ambient track.  Things like this are why computers were invented.



3.  Alternate Universe Sci-Fi Posters – Hartter’s got some sci-fi posters for well known films made in alternate universes with different casts.  These should be seen, shared, and purchased.  Do one or all! Here are my favorites:





And this one has been a wish of mine for a while now…

Dark Tower

Last one, for the lulz:

Dig Dug


4.  Mega Force Atari 2600 Commercial – Here’s Bryan Cranston pre-meth-empire, blowing people away (in a good way!) with video game skills.


5.  90210 Nightmare – A favorite of mine for years finally finds a place in Five Things.  Be, be, be my love.