World’s Fair Wednesday – Hemisfair ’68

Hemisfair 68 was held in San Antonio, Texas.  The theme was “The Confluence of Civilizations in the Americas”.  Kind of a dry-sounding theme, but look at the fairground!


Hemisfair 68


The mascot of the fair was Luther the Dragon, created by Sid and Marty Krofft.  The Kroffts had a pavilion at the fair that featured a marionette show (for adults).  Luther was eventually reworked into H.R. Pufnstuf, who was the star of their television show.

There’s so much “fun-ness” about the pictures of this Expo that really contrasts the future-forward feel of other World’s Fairs and emphasizes the greatness of “now”.  Here’s a fun video (excuse the ad at the beginning) that captures the vibe of the Expo’s fairgrounds, albeit through a model of the actual fairground itself:


Hit the links in the pictures for more great images from the Expo, both from Pie Shops and Vintage Chromes.  I can’t find a picture of Luther from the Expo, though – can you? Share it!