Five Things – 2.20.12

1.  70 Years of the Ad Council – NPR featured a story this week celebrating 70 years of Ad Council PSAs.  From Rosie the Riveter to Smokey Bear to Iron Eyes Cody to Crash Test Dummies to McGruff the Crime Dog, it’s pretty remarkable how many of these PSAs have become photographs of sorts of the American experience.


2.  NES Art – When the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out in 1985, the majority of the games shared the same cover design elements. While the picture on each game was unique, the rest of the elements of the cover were static.  Seeing these games all lined up in a display case at Toys r’ Us is a pretty strong and fond memory of mine.  Even as a second grader, I was really impressed at how each game’s personality shone through a standard template cover.  Here are a few of my favorite examples:




3.  Parent Trap – Imagineering Disney shared a writeup of The Parent Trap for a Valentine’s Day post.  I’ve seen this movie more times than I’d care to admit.  The one thing I don’t remember, however, is the title screen!

The Parent Trap

I’ve never seen three separate fonts work together so well!


4.  Battle Damage He-Man – He-Man was one of my favorite toys, shows, and playground activities growing up.  I remember when this version of He-Man came out, I didn’t think humanity could advance any further.   His chest took damage when you touched it.


5.  The Giving Tree – one of my favorite writers, reading one of my favorite books.


For some reason, he leaves out one of my favorite lines toward the end but still – magical.