Five Things – 1.30.12

1.  Sparky the Space Chimp – dreamsofspace shares this Australian children’s book about a space chimp.  The artwork is pretty great – a lot of detail going into a not-very-detailed picture.  The pictures themselves tell a different story than the actual history of the space chimps, whether intentionally or not, but it’s interesting to see how this effort was viewed by the rest of the world.


Sparky the Space Chimp


2.  Hologram Time Traveler – When I was younger, my family would take frequent vacations to the beach.  When you live in Florida, that comes with the territory.  There was one arcade in 1991 in Daytona Beach that had this crazy game that projected a hologram onto a flat surface.

Time Traveler

It was a Time Traveler story, with a cowboy ending up in different times (including a zombie time?) and having to save some princess in each era.  You controlled the actors in the hologram, similar to the way you controlled Dirk in Dragon’s Lair.  The game itself was awful, but at the time I had this sweeping feeling of being on the cusp of the future – and having discovered it in a dingy hotel arcade.


 Also, it cost a dollar per play, which was unthinkable at the time for any game that wasn’t After Burner.


3.  Prince – Loring Park Sessions 1977 – How did I not know this existed until this week??



4.  Lobby – Pie Shops shares the Visitor’s Reception area at the Hershey’s Chocolate Corporation.  Ahhhh!



5.  ISS video – this footage is from ISS flyovers of Earth.  Inspiring, to say the least.